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Welcome to Treasured Cove! We are one of the largest suppliers of full perm sculpts, meshes and supplies for builders, creators and designers in some of the top virtual grids.  We opened to the public in April of 2010 in Second Life and since then have grown from a very small and limited stock, to one of the largest stores assisting builders and designers in creating their dreams.

Our extensive selection of sculpts and meshes spans a huge array of categories, from clothing, to furniture, to home deocr and even sculpts and meshes for running your business with display stands, signage and more we can help you to create everything you want.  We strive to ensure that our sculpts and meshes are as useful as possible to all builders and designers and as such, all of our sculpt maps and meshes are sold with full permissions (copy, modify and transfer) to make them the most versatile!

As builders ourselves, we know and understand what is most important to creators and have strived to ensure that these needs are met.

Please feel free to explore the website and check out all of the available features.

  • Detailed FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section loaded with hints, tips, and useful information on using sculpts.
  • Tons of great info in the brand new Mesh FAQ so you can get all of your meshy questions answered!
  • Customer Support Request form to make it easy to submit a request for support!
  • An ever expanding tutorial section with tutorials to help you achieve the best result from your sculpts and meshes!
  • Staff page with detailed information about all staff at Treasured Cove that are able to assist with customer support issues.
  • Detailed list of all official Treasured Cove locations including SLURLS for quick and easy teleporting!
  • Links to the Second Life Marketplace for making quick and easy purchases right from the web using your Second Life balance!
  • Full updated copy of the Terms of Usage available to view anytime!
  • Easy site translation using Google Translator to make it super quick and easy to navigate around the site and understand things better!

Please feel free to look around and enjoy the site!  Additional expansions are planned and we are excited to be a part of the World Wide Web as well as Second Life, AviNation, Island Oasis, Virtual Highway, and InWorldz!

All sculpts, Textures, and meshes are created by Cara Ametza or CarpeDiem Turbo and are only sold through vendors owned by CarpeDiem Turbo, Cara Ametza, TreasuredCove Express (Avination),  or via the Second Life Marketplace.  We do not allow anyone to resell the maps or give them away in violation of the TOS.  We do not have any authorized afiliates at this time.

We look forward to meeting all of your Mesh and Sculpt needs for a long time and are dedicated to having a great working relationship with all of our customers.  Please feel free to give us feedback on how we can better help you to achieve your goals anytime!


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