Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a full perm example?

Wondering if you can get a full permission example of a sculpt you just bought?

Can I get a redelivery?

Hey my sculpts arem issing! I accidently hit decline or other problems.

Can I port maps to another grid/world?

Can i port your maps over to <insert grid name here>?

Can I resell your sculpts?

How exactly can I go about reselling your sculpts?

Can you redeliver the MM prize?

So could you pretty please redeliver the MM prize?

Can you teach me how to sculpt?

How can I learn to sculpt myself?

Do you do custom sculpts?

Will you make something special just for me?

I bought a pack of sculpts and all I got was textures?

What the &*@# am I supposed to do with them?

I wanna learn about mesh!

Interested in learning a bit about meshes?

If I make it phantom, how am I supposed to walk on it?!?!!

How to mix phantom and non-phantom prims.

No BAR script was included!

There wasn't a BAR script included!

Stitching Help

What is stitching and why is it important?

What are acceptable permissions for your sculpts?

What permissions are acceptable on your sculpt maps?

What is the BAR system?

Overview of the BAR system and why it's yoru new best friend!

What is the Gacha Vendor?

Curious what the gacha vendor is? Look no further, we have answers!

What program do you use?

So tell.... what program do you use to sculpt with?

What to do with shade maps

Learn how to use shade maps included in the sculpt packages like a professional!

What's up with loyalty rewards?

What are they, how do I use them?

Won't my gazebo/deck/bed look exactly like everyone else who buys it?

How can I prevent my items from looking exactly like everyone else who buys the same item?

Wrong map permissions - HELP!!!

I have a permissions issue! :(