Mesh Frequently Asked Questions

All I see is a blob?!

Seeing blobs or boxes when others swear there is cool stuff there?

Are the other grids going to get mesh too?

Is it possible to get the mesh items in other grids too?

Bounding box details... what's the size?

What determines the bounding box size of a mesh?

Can I get the COLLADA file?

I would like to get the COLLADA file for some of your meshes, is this possible?

Can I have a BAR script for this mesh pack?

I want a BAR script for a mesh pack I bought, is it possible?

Can you teach me to create a mesh?

I would love to learn how to make mesh from you!

How can I show as the creator?

How to show as the creator of your mesh objects.

How can I tell which packs are mesh?

Easy tips to identify the mesh vs sculpt packs.

I have some sculpt questions...

If your wanting to know about sculpts, we can help there!

What is a texture face and can I change it or add more?

A bit of info on texture faces for meshes.

What is a UV map?

Exactly why is a UV map anyways?

What is Flutter Templates?

What is Flutter Templates?

What is land impact/prim equivalency?

Exactly what does this mean?

What viewers can handle mesh?

Interested in knowing which viewers actually support mesh?

What's the biggest I can stretch a mess to?

Soooo exactly how big can I stretch this thing to?

Where are the maps?

Where are the maps for mesh?

Why do other grids do land impact differently?

Why don't the other grids count prims the same for mesh as Second Life?

Will all meshes include a UV map?

Will I get a UV map for all meshes?

Will Treasured Cove keep making sculpts?

With mesh coming, this is sure to be a burning question for many!