Can I get a full perm example?

Wondering if you can get a full permission example of a sculpt you just bought?

Easy answer is no, more complex answer is that this isn't something that we offer for a wide variety of reasons.

1. When you use a full permission sculpt, we show as the creator, not you. So despite the fact that you have done all of the work texturing, scripting, animating and marketing we would get all of the credit. While we love to get props and kudos from everyone, doesnt' really seem fair. Plus, if someone saw your finished item and looked at the creators profile, they would end up in our store, not yours. Of course, we wouldn't really object, but that would have the potential to hurt your business so not something we want to do.

2. We cannot possibly know exactly what you did to items after you bought them. So we can't possibly provide support for the products that you have created. If we show as the creator, then someone would contact us for support, rather than you. If the item doesn't have your name on it, they can't find you as easily which creates some problems for shoppers.

3. It's just good business to have yourself as the creator of items that you sell! To make it easier, we have the BAR system, plus we do provide a mod/copy example that you can use to rebuild items. Combined together this should assist in all of your rebuilding needs.

4. Griefers... yeps we said griefers. Did you knwo a lot of people look for full permission cubes lying around the grid from different creators that they can use in order to assist in their copybot efforts? They use the full perm cube to fake the creator, which means it cna be exploited. This is one of the biggest reasons we don't think anyone should ever offer out full permission examples. It's a small step, but it's a huge means of protecting youself from ending up as the creator to a bunch of ripped content when you had nothing to do with it.

Trust me, we know your busy, we know you have lots to do, but so do we and we will not now, or ever provide full permission examples. If you are too busy to rebuild the sculpt using the tools that we provide, we're too busy to help you unfortunately. I'm sorry to take this position, but we cannot spend close to an hour discussing rebuilding options with people who insist they are too busy to rebuild the sculpt when it includes the BAR system that takes seconds to use. We have video tutorials as well as easy to follow instructions on how to use it.

  • Wednesday, 06 February 2013