Can I get a redelivery?

Hey my sculpts arem issing! I accidently hit decline or other problems.

Oh snaps! Yes this IS possible! Without contacting any staff as well usually! Unless has a slight oopsie during your purchase, you can use ANY of the kiosks all around the store to get a link to see ALL of your past purchases from Treasured Cove and get them redelivered to you at ANY time!

Additionally added January 2012 was the ability to get a redelivery from a vendor directly as well! You cannot request a redelivery from the $60L, Gacha and LImited Edition vendors though, you will have to request these purchases from a Redelivery Kiosk still.


Also, the newest addition as of May 2012 is the ability to get a redelivery of a Second Life Marketplace item! While the marketplace purchases themselves will arrive to your Received Items folder since we have fully migrated to Direct Delivery, redeliveries will arrive via the regular servers and go into your Objects folder. THis is only effective for purchases made *after* May 2012, and unfortunately does not work for purchases made prior to that date.

Here is a SLURL to one of the kiosks at the main store as well ---->

Some exceptions do apply!

Anything that is sold with only transfer perms, such as Gift Cards, Tutorials and other similar items are NOT permitted to be redelivered.

  • Wednesday, 06 February 2013