Can I port maps to another grid/world?

Can i port your maps over to <insert grid name here>?

We did previously allow maps to be ported to other grids on a per map fee basis, however we have discontineud this. It was quickly getting very expensive for everyone and a hassle to track.

We are currently only offering stores in Second Life, InWorldz, AviNation and a very select few in Builders Oasis.

We are unable to keep up with the pace of new grids though, and understand that everyone wants to branch out. With this in mind, we do offer a porting license though.

Option 1 allows you to purchase a license to port to a single grid that is specified.

Option 2 allows you to port to any and all grids that appear.

If you are interested in either of these options, plesae know that the license extends to all previously purchased packs, as well as futuure packs and is a mucch better deal to purchase Option 2. To find out more details about this including restrictions and pricing please contact CarpeDiem Turbo in world or by filing a support ticket.

  • Wednesday, 06 February 2013