How can I show as the creator?

How to show as the creator of your mesh objects.

Short of actually uploading the COLLADA file youself, there isn't a lot you can do to be the creator of the item except the old tried and true linking your prim last so it's the root.

We cannot stress this enough but we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to do this!

If we show as the creator of your item, people looking at it end up in our store, *not* yours! That's not cool for you since your spending a lot of time creating the final product! It just takes seconds and since most items would have more than 1 item (object) linked anyways, make sure something that you personally created either a standard prim (shadow prims are awesome for this) or a sculpt, etc is the last linked item.

To help reduce confusion for shoppers in case you don't link something else last, all meshes offered by Treasured Cove will be uploaded by TreasuredCove (Resident) and the profile has been modified to make it clear that it's not the final creator of any items.


Check out this video from our 8 year old that she did for us

here is another good one as well from Lexi Zellin

  • Wednesday, 06 February 2013