If I make it phantom, how am I supposed to walk on it?!?!!

How to mix phantom and non-phantom prims.

Using a transparent guide prim, you can make the sculpted object something that you can stand on. To do this is extremely easy, simply rezz a prim and make it the size of your object, such as a deck for example. Then after it is sized and positioned correctly for your sculpted item, either turn transparency to 100% under the Texture tab, OR apply a transparent texture.

This will hide the supporft prim so that it does not disturb the appearance.

In the event you need the link the phantom prims and non-phantom prims, we offer in the store a FREE child phantom script that you can use for this purpose. It is located in the Scripts section of the store. Below is a tutorial video on how to use it instructions are included with purchase as well.


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*please note* Linden Labs are always making changes to the server codes. If something should ever happen and the script stops working, we cannot promise that it will be able to be restored to functionality.

  • Wednesday, 06 February 2013