Using the BAR System

Instructions on using the BAR system!

Have you had those moments where you are stressed out trying to rebuild a compliated sculpt set?  Everyone has, we know and understand this and after some development we are super psyched to release the BAR System.

Who is BAR? BAR stands for Builders Assistant Replicator and it's your bestest friend ever.  Simply drag the script into a prim, add a prim named "Object" that you created and let it do the complicated work!

 Less time building, more time to texture, script, and create! Check out the useful YouTube video.


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Step 1. Rezz a prim.

Step 2. Take a copy of the prim, ensuring that it is named Object and drop it into a copy of the prim that is still rezzed.

Step 3. Add the BAR System script that came with your sculpt package.

Step 4. Touch the prim that is rezzed, it should contain 1 script, and 1 prim named Object.

Step 5. Grant permissions to Link and delink from other objects.

Step 6. Wait while BAR does the heavy lifting for you!

BAR will replicate and recreate the object using your prims so that you do not have to rebuild it from scratch anymore.  While viewers like Phoenix, Firestorm and others include the super nifty copy/paste functions for prim paramaters, this makes it so much faster and easier!

  • Wednesday, 06 February 2013