Will Treasured Cove keep making sculpts?

With mesh coming, this is sure to be a burning question for many!

Let's start with the simple answer. We may release some sculpt packs at time, but currently we are more focused on mesh releases.

Now the more complicated anwswer. This is more of the "why". Many people are under the impression that mesh will entirely replace sculpts. This is not true, in some cases, a mesh might be better for what you need, and in others a sculpt may work better. Just as when sculpts came out, normal prims were not abandoned, so too sculpts won't be either.

Plain and simple, you will likely use a mixture of toosl, mesh, sculpts, and standard prims when building. We know this, and aim to offer items still as sculpts when it is fitting for the need, because there are times when a sculpt is just better!

  • Wednesday, 06 February 2013