Old Terms of Usage

As of 2/18/2012 this Terms of Usage is no longer used. We have updated the TOS to include mesh and you can find the new version here.

Thank you for your purchase, we are happy to help you with any problems or concerns that you might have.  If you would like an item customized, or if you have something that you would like to have built custom for you, please contact a member of our staff and they will be happy to work with you.  Please send a notecard as IM's are highly unreliable! Or you can submit a support / Request ticket HERE 

Please realize, you are only purchasing a license to use the sculpts and maps, not the actual ownership of the maps.  This means that Cara Ametza & CarpeDiem Turbo retain ALL ownership rights of all maps, textures, and any sculpt maps derived from these originals that are created from the sculpt maps.( this means you can't download our maps and  move a few points and call it your own to sell. )

Maps are only to be used within the grid in which they are purchased, this also means that you CANNOT export an object created using these maps and import them to another grid.  The grid in which the map is purchased is the only grid in which the map can be used.  A license for additional grids, such as InWorldz or AviNation is available by purchasing the maps at the location of Treasured Cove within that grid.

Please do not share sculpt maps.  They may not be sold, transferred, or given away to any other avatars, people or accounts with full permissions.

Objects that are created using the sculpts maps may not under any circumstances be transferred to another avatar with both copy and transfer permissions enabled.  Only copy, only transfer, copy & modify, OR transfer & modify is acceptable but NEVER Copy, Modify & Transfer OR Copy & Transfer.

We do not allow porting to other grids at this time.  To assist in customer needs, we do have a store open at AviNation and InWorldz.  Under no circumstances will we allow porting to the Meta7, or SpotOn3D grids EVER, NO EXCEPTIONS.

We encourage you to download the maps to modify them to assist in creating of your content, we do not allow those modified works to be sold as full permissions, nor the resulting maps to be transferred, sold, traded, or given away nor the objects created from these maps to be transferred to another avatar with full permissions. Same guidelines apply for derivative works as to the original maps themselves.

Any violations of this agreement will result in a DMCA to be filed in the event that a resolution cannot be reached amicably.

As the existance of virtual worlds continues to expand, so too do we at Treasured Cove.  We strive to setup a location in the best virtual worlds and offer the items that we have for sale there.

Please remember, we do NOT allow any porting of our maps to other grids.  If deemed appropriate we will setup a location in the world ourselves or work out suitable arrangements for the maps to be taken there.

Please note - You are not permitted to export items created using our sculpt maps using either a viewer such as Phoenix, Imprudence or Ascent, nor through the usage of a tool such as Second Inventory.  We will file a DMCA against anyone who is caught using the maps without a proper license!

Bulk discounts are available if you have a large number of packs that you need or would like to purchase in the additional worlds!  Please contact us for details.

If you find any of our sculpts at a location that is NOT listed on the website, and is NOT an official affiliate vendor, please notify us!

Cara Ametza & CarpeDiem Turbo
Treasured Cove Owners

Updated: December 26, 2010